Our rye straws for businesses

  • Selected by hand, cut and packed with love in South Australia.
  • Grown on South Australian certified organic farmland.
  • Inner stalk of the rye plant and the by-product of the grain production.
  • Naturally gluten free, super strong, tasteless and waterproof.
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable in a home compost, in your garden or in commercial composting facilities.
  • Each purchase supports South Australian organic farmers and encourages more local sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic.

  mister rye grown in australia

Interested to try our rye straws at home?

You will notice our prices have changed since our initial production. To go deeper in our transparency value, all our production and supply chain costs are now publicly displayed. Producing rye straws in Australia involves a lot of manual labor and savoir-faire, hence why we are the only business producing them here. Moving to automation in 2021, our objectives is to bring our costs down by scaling our production capacity.

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