Box of 30 rye straws at home


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Flat shipping fee of $9.15 for up to 5 boxes!

  • Selected by hand, cut and packed with love in South Australia.
  • Grown on South Australian certified organic farmland.
  • Inner stalk of the rye plant and the by-product of the grain production.
  • Naturally gluten free*, super strong, tasteless and waterproof.
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable at home in your garden and compost or in commercial composting facilities.
  • Each purchase supports South Australian organic farmers and encourages more local sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic.

    *Rye stalks are naturally gluten free, and our straws have been tested gluten-free. Gluten is present only in the rye grain. Our cleaning and sterilisation processes are carefully controlled, although cross contamination cannot be guaranteed. 

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From seed-to-straw
Discover the story of your straws and the people who grow them!

Meet our farmers

  • Our regular straws are 18cm
  • Diameter can vary between 3.5 and 5mm
  • Flat shipping fee of $8.95 for up to 5 boxes!

Mister RYE straws are intended to be used as a drinking straw and are not intended to be eaten or digested. You will notice straws quantity have changed as well as retail price to cover our production costs. Following our customers’ feedback we also upgraded our packaging into a quality tube boxes that are reusable, recyclable, and also compostable so you can easily transport your straws. We have also updated the quantity of straws per tube in order to match better with your home needs.

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Muriel Balistreri PhD



Awesome product & packaging.

Natasha Bartholomew

Better by 1000% than paper straws!!

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Box of rye straws

My 11 year old grandson was thrilled with your product as he loves looking after the environment.

Karen Broughton
Great product

Excellent alternative to paper straws, able to use over and over again. My grandchildren will love them, cause paper straws just don’t last. Will definitely give them a couple of packs and keep an eye on your website
Thanks again😊

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